Gay Poker Players Show Their Pride With New T-Shirt Line

Ever since poker pro Jason Somerville came out, we’ve been increasingly interested about the game. (Winning  half-a-million dollars at the World Series of Poker tends to draw our attention.)

Now we’ve got a whole line of merchandise to show our Poker Pride!

Launched just a few days ago, King Jack Suited out of Ireland is whipping up T-shirts and accessories for queer card sharps and their allies. The company’s hottest item? A shirt with the tagline “I might be gay but my straight beats your queens!”

Other tees, pins and hats bear slogans like “Full house? Okay, let’s go to my place!” and “I think the BB fancies me?!”

“The product range is still quite small,” says co-founder Steffen Karl. “but we’ll be focusing on more designs  over the next couple of days.”

At 22.40 Euro for a tee (about $27) it’s a pretty good bet.

Photo: KingJackSuited.com