Gay Politicians Come Out On Top

The Victory Fund’s feeling victorious this morning after a whopping 31 homo-politicos won last night’s elections.

In celebration of the rocking electoral news, the non-profit sent out the following press release:

Dozens of openly gay and lesbian candidates running in municipal and state legislative races across the country won their elections Tuesday, according to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. Of the record 71 candidates endorsed by the group in 2007, at least 31 won their races on Tuesday, while 10 were elected earlier this year. At least three more endorsed candidates received enough votes to advance to runoff elections.

Victory Fund president and CEO Chuck Wolfe said the growing number of out candidates demonstrates the gay community’s increasing involvement in electoral politics. “This is the path to change. We are not content to sit on the sidelines and hope that others do the right thing for our community. We will step up and lead the fight for a more equal and fair America, and we will win,” Wolfe said.

The Victory Fund’s 71 endorsements set a new record for an odd-numbered year in which there are no scheduled federal elections. In 2006, the group endorsed 88 candidates and it expects to endorse more than 100 candidates in 2008, according to Wolfe. He added that planning has already begun for next year’s races.

“2008 will be another record-breaking year for gay candidates, and they’ll need help to counter the inevitable attacks from anti-gay hate groups. We’ll be ready to fight,” Wolfe said.

The VF also has a handy homo scorecard tracking all the gay wins and loses. It’s more fun than a barrel of Phelpses.

Also note-worthy, Pat Boone’s nemesis Steve Beshear won Kentucky’s gubernatorial election. The Blue Grass state just got a little happier.