Gay Rag Fights Bullies

British gay magazine Attitude recently teamed up with non-profit Stonewall to fight homophobic bullying in schools.

In honor of the occasion, Attitude EIC Matthew Todd spoke to Pink News about the need for such activism. And, not surprisingly, it’s not the most uplifting exchange:

I don’t think you can not feel moved and furious when you read accounts of the deaths of kids like Jonathan Reynolds, who was 15 and died by lying on a track in front of a train after he was bullied for being gay.

If you are being bullied for being overweight or because of your ethnicity then you can go to a teacher or your parents, who will hopefully condemn the bullying and try and give you some affirmation.

If you are gay it’s often hard to tell anyone and at worst, you will hear teachers themselves being homophobic. It enrages me.

And so it should.