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Gay Republican calls DeSantis press secretary a “gay icon” and the Internet just can’t with him

The bar for “gay icon” status has dropped alarming low, at least according to the Log Cabin Republicans.

In a piece appearing on the group’s blog Outspoken, writer David Leatherwood extols Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, calling her a gay icon for equating opponents of the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill to pedophiles.

“Serving as Press Secretary for America’s favorite Governor, Daddy DeSantis, Pushaw has cemented herself as a gay icon overnight and we are here for all of it,” Leatherwood wrote.

“Earlier this week, leftist gays stormed the Florida Capitol building in the Gay Insurrection of 2022. They were protesting the Parental Rights in Education Bill (branded the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by lying Democrats) and demanding kindergartners have access to state-sanctioned lessons on pronoun propaganda and gay butt sex. Christina dropped a bomb that annihilated their entire phony narrative and put them all on defense. She called them what they are: groomers.”

Earlier this month, Pushaw tweeted: “The bill that liberals inaccurately call ‘Don’t Say Gay’ would be more accurately described as an Anti-Grooming Bill.”

“If you’re against the Anti-Grooming Bill, you are probably a groomer or at least you don’t denounce the grooming of 4-8 year old children,” she continued. “Silence is complicity. This is how it works, Democrats, and I didn’t make the rules.”

Lawmakers and LGBTQ organizations strongly denounced Pushaw.

“Governor DeSantis’ spokesperson said the quiet part out loud: that this bill is grounded in a belief that LGBTQ people, simply by existing, are a threat to children and must be erased,” Equality Florida said in a statement. “[DeSantis] chose Pushaw to speak his mind to the public. He owns this unbridled hatred. This same bigoted insinuation has long been been used to stigmatize our families, justify denying us the ability to adopt children, and is being used to justify the tracking of transgender children by government agents in Texas and threats to imprison their parents. Make no mistake — this is a tacit announcement from the Governor that he supports the true intent of the Don’t Say Gay bill: the erasure of LGBTQ people.”

Leatherwood had a different take, writing, “Pushaw’s unapologetic attitude and fierce offensive game proves this woman has big balls.”

The conservative writer echoes the Right’s gross mischaracterization that opponents of the bill want to teach young kids about sex. “Why is the Left so obsessed with teaching four-to-nine year olds about sex through the public education system?” he asked.

The bill prohibits any discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity between kindergarten and third grade “or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

Why would kids benefit from early exposure to LGBTQ identities?

So they don’t grow up to be huge a**holes who post things like this:

Shockingly, not everyone is on board with Leatherwood’s nomination of Pushaw as a gay icon: