Bromance alert

Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

Talk about a gay-straight alliance! Bryce Richard, a gay nursing student in New Orleans, said his straight best friend, Trent Miller, offered to be Richard’s date to his school’s spring formal. And now gays the world over are posting photos of their own Trents.

Richard revealed the heart-warming story via Twitter on April 7, writing that Miller was confused when Richard told him he didn’t have a date to the gala. “Why didn’t [you] ask me?” Miller said, according to Richard. “We’ve been buddies for years [and] it kinda hurts my feelings [you] still think I care what people say.”

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His tweet — which also showed photos of the handsome duo on the big night — has been retweeted more than 22,000 times and “liked” more than 217,000 times. Plus, other users were eager to show off their own Trents.

Richard, for his part, is amazed by the tweets his story inspired. “OK, seeing the responses of people who have someone in their life like my friend is honestly so reassuring,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet on April 7. “Like yes, men are trash. We get that. But there really are some gems out there [with] amazing hearts, who actually treat people as people (a concept you’d think everyone grasps).”

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He continued: “It’s just nice seeing other’s support systems regardless of what society labels them as, or how they personally identify themselves. There’s so much hate surrounding us in the world, but seeing some love shine through gives me hope for both the near [and] distant future.”