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  • Casey

    Actually, Mr. Mitcham is a diver, not a swimmer. There’s a big difference.

  • oneway

    Who’s reading the headline when there’s yet another adorable and endearing photo of Matthew on the screen?

  • Puck

    Woot, I was there and marched, was in my top 5 most amazing life experiences

  • Sebbe

    He is sooo adorable and his personality in interviews is even better than his looks.

  • bb

    I would pretty much do anything just to meet him. He’s such a hero of mine and beautiful and sweet and poised… *sigh*

  • audiored

    You all are right, there is no other word for that boy but adorable.

  • EdWoody

    @Casey: Are you suggesting he doesn’t know how to swim? How else does he get out of the pool?

  • Cee

    Looks like he’d have some good ass.

  • Hamburglar

    Surely he can swim, but he didn’t win a medal for it.

  • rogue dandelion

    I can’t handle his awesomeness, I’d cheer him on over a diver from my country any day.

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