Gay “TV” Network To Be Auctioned For Charity

Is this altruistic activism or a clever marketing ploy? You be the judge…

Online gay “television channel” Village TV announced today that they will hold an eBay auction for one of their affiliate stations to benefit Amnesty International. From the press release:

The auction will take place on Sunday, May 4 (8:00 PM Central) and is being featured as part of the company’s current expansion which will culminate in a massive re-launch by November of this year.

The idea for this one-of-a-kind auction is the brainchild of Village TV Founder and President, Corey Chambers, who, upon hearing about the state-sanctioned massacre of what leaders throughout the Islamic world… “I don’t believe my own struggles with being gay in this country can even compare with those of anyone facing death for their sexuality, as is happening throughout Iran, Iraq and beyond,” Chambers pronounces, adding “As someone involved in the gay media, we need to recognize our obligation to fight for this cause–it really is an overwhelming matter of life and death for far too many on this planet!”

The press release also points out that Chambers and the Village TV crew are looking to expand their operation to forty major cities.