Gays Died on 9/11, Too.

We swore on all things unpatriotic, unholy and wholly rational that we wouldn’t write about 9/11 – aka the day that wouldn’t die – but we think GMA this anecdote’s sweet. Sad, yes, but it’s kind of a big ‘fuck you’ to folk who shit on gay parenting:

Daniel Brandhorst and Ronald Gamboa were a gay couple that had adopted a newborn baby named David. Active in their Catholic church, every Sunday morning at Mass, the Brandhorst-Gamboa family were the epicenter for all the other families with parents, gay and straight.

“They were really the glue, the centerpiece of the parents, the leaders if you will, of the group of us,” family friend Mary Walton said.

And Dan and Ron seemed to have all the tricks for handling a toddler in church.

“They had everything, whatever you needed, whether it’s treats or diapers. Mothers would go ‘We learned so much from them.'”

Unfortunately, the boys and their knowledge went down on Flight 175, which hit Tower 2. Shitty.