Gay’s Largesse Thinks Small

Speaking of HRC: they get a lot of shit – and rightfully so – for blindly supporting democratic candidates. You may recall reported douche bag Chris Crain‘s comments against the group’s stale politics, in which he said:

The effect of the new HRC strategy is to put all the gay movement’s marbles in the Democratic Party basket… What’s worse, HRC support for Democrats, especially in the most contested congressional races, often went to beat moderate and even pro-gay Republicans.

Those of you who agree will be intrigued by a piece in the fresh edition of The Atlantic, in which journo Joshua Green sits down with former software mogul and forever homosexual, Tim Gill: a man who may become the most powerful political donor in America.

If he’s not one of the most powerful political contributors in the world, Tim Gill’s certainly one of the most generous. Last year he personally gave away $15 million to help defeat anti-gay politicos. Of the seventy he targeted, Green reports, fifty were brought to their knees by Gill and his like-minded cohorts. So, what’s the secret? Realizing that when elections are involved, bigger isn’t always better.

For years Gill concentrated on supporting gay organizations. Time went on, of course, but America had yet to feel the effects of Gill’s efforts. Frustrated but not deterred, Gill shifted gears, using some of the same efforts that brought the GOP back into power back in the 1990s.

Green writes:

[Gill] enlisted as his political counselor an acerbic lawyer and former tobacco lobbyist named Ted Trimpa, who is Colorado’s answer to Karl Rove. Trimpa believes that the gay-rights community directs too much of its money to thoroughly admirable national candidates who don’t need it, while neglecting less compelling races that would have a far greater impact on gay rights—a tendency he calls “glamour giving.”

Together, Gill and Trimpa decided to eschew national races in favor of state and local ones, which could be influenced in large batches and for much less money. Most antigay measures, they discovered, originate in state legislatures. Operating at that level gave them a chance to “punish the wicked,” as Gill puts it—to snuff out rising politicians who were building their careers on antigay policies, before they could achieve national influence.

As part of his mission, Gill and his non-profit, The Gill Foundation, urges his queer comrades to contribute even the smallest amount to like-minded candidates, regardless of geographical region or political party.

Yes, much of Gill’s largesse has benefited the Demmies, he’s not committed to a party line. For example, he set his sights on an anti-gay marriage Democrat: the retired Massachusetts Representative, Philip Travis.

Sure, Gill’s tactics may not always work, but they’re certainly proving more effective than throwing money at one party and hoping they lend a helping hand.

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  • adamblast

    Log Cabin Republicans are either tools, fools or guys who care more for their money than for equality and respect.

    Of *course* the HRC focuses its donations on Dems. They’re the ones *not* trying to force us back into the closet and/or strip all our rights away and make us explicily 2nd class citizens.

    You call that stale? I call it sane, and giving money to the Republican party insane and batshit stupid.

    You’re reading too much Sullivan and Savage.

  • audiored

    I have a problem with the idea that the only issues to be considered is a politicians stance on gay marriage (which it seems the only thing these groups care about anymore).

    I guess what I’m saying is I despise single issue advocacy generally. I can’t think of one LGBT advocacy group nationally or within my state that doesn’t have this single issue advocacy model. The whole model is what is stale.

  • adamblast

    That sounds a bit like criticizing a dentist for focusing on your teeth.

  • Ryan

    Tactically, it’s probably not the best idea to just blindly support the Democratic Party – but it’s also not a good idea to support *any* Republicans. Why? Republicans continually vote to put people like Bill Frist & Trent Lott in power – all the while they won’t ever question King George. All of those people ruin any of our chances for full equality – and these so-called “moderate” Republicans are responsible for them being in power.

    The best bang for our buck would be to support the best Democratic Candidates and to support candidates who are coming around – so they know we’ll get their back if they come to our side in full.

    The day the Republican Party stops the witch hunt, trying to drive us all back into the closer (where they think we belong) – we can discuss supporting Republicans who claim to be in favor of gay rights.

  • hepaestion

    The guy makes great sense. The dems do not have our back, only when they want are money. I think they are worst than the republicans.

  • akaison

    penny wise, pound foolish. in theory individual Gopers maybe okay. the problem is that legislation is about who is in control of a party, not who belongs to a party. those aren’t the same thing.

  • Indy Guy

    WOW – All i hear from the HRC anymore is a loud sucking noise aimed at my pcokets. I’ve had enough – no more money for them. I am so tiered of hearing how the democrats will “help us” and yet adter hundred of millions of dollars to them – what do we have to show for it……. The courts should be the way to fight – lets pay the lawyers to clog the judicial branches and fight our way to equality – not be giving money to those who dont need it or deserve it – I want BANG FOR MY BUCK!!!!!

  • DC Insider

    I have MANY freinds at HRC and they all know how I fell about them lately. I have lost friendships over my views and statements of the MONEY that is being wasted at HRC on things such as new buildings and Sataelite broadcasting equipment, party’s and cruises…….. YIKES the list never ends. I agree the sound of suck is loud. HRC needs a reality check. I’m just not sure on how and why poeple keep giving to an organization that shows no results – kinda like a war that shows no results – but hey everybody lets throw more money at someting that aint working!

  • joko

    maybe i will get the aswer.but republican no

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