Outrage! Never Looked So Good

Gays Protest Saudis

Peter Tatchell and his group of mary men (and women) picketed the Saudi Arabian embassy in London Friday.

Via UK Gay News:

Around 50 students, some from as far away as Manchester, Salford and Hull, protested outside the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London this afternoon following the sentences passed earlier this month on two young Saudi gay men.

The pair were sentenced on October 2 to 7,000 lashings each in al-Bahah following conviction for ‘sodomy’.

The protest was supported by LGBT Labour and gay human rights group Outrage!

“What the Saudi courts have done to their own citizens is unacceptable,” said Katie Hanson, co-chair, LGBT Labour.

Peter Tatchell said that the 7,000 lashings is the latest incident that shows the barbarism of the Saudi regime. “The Saudi leaders are also guilty of detention without trial, torture and the public beheading of women who have sex outside marriage…Migrant workers are de faction salves, the media is censored and trade unions, political parties and non-Muslim religions are all banned. The country is a theocratic police state.

As you can see, the Outrage! crew sure are outraged. Oh, actually, they look kind of look happy. Could it be fighting repression – gulp – feels good? We would do it, but then we’d feel guilty for feeling so good about fighting for people who felt so bad. Better to be apathetic.

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