Anti-Gay Ugandan Politico Gets "Death Threats"

“Gays Want Me Dead!”

Being a homophobe’s dangerous business. Just ask James Nsaba Buturo. The Ugandan Ethics and Integrity minister made it his mission to root homosexuality out of his nation. He’s proposed aversion therapy, threatened arrests and accused the media of promoting homosexuality. And what does he get for his efforts? Death threats! No respect, we tell you…

Imagining a vast gay conspiracy against him, Buturo claims he receives nasty notes from all over the world:

I receive at least 20 abusive and threatening mails on my life daily. As I speak now, I have seen about 11 mails on my email address waiting for me to read. The language those people use while writing messages to me is horrible. I can’t read them out because it will be a shame for me.

And if there’s one thing the Ethics and Integrity minister knows, it’s shame.

Despite the threats, Buturo will not be dissuaded from his homo-hating mission. In fact, he’s more determined than ever, “With such words and language used, I have noticed that those people are sick. They need help.” Not only can gays get help through reparative therapy, but a good life prison sentence will also set them straight – homosexuality’s illegal in Uganda. Buturo insists, of course, the government isn’t attacking gays, just homosexuality. Because, you know, they’ve absolutely nothing to do with one another.

Gay activist Juliet Victor Mukasa says she’s unaware of threats against Buturo, but knows he will not win this culture war,

As far as Uganda is concerned, we are not behind and aware of any threats addressed to the minister. Despite fighting us, we shall not be intimidated. We will fight for our rights and we will win.

That should ease Buturo’s mind.