George Takei Beams Into Archie Comics To Meet Gay Fanboy

George Takei will make a special guest appearance in Archie Comics when he meets his super gay super fan Kevin Keller.

At school, the kids have to do presentations on the people that inspire them the most and Kevin chooses George Takei, naturally.

Kevin details George’s childhood in a Japanese internment camp and of course his intergalactic  journey on Star Trek. Kevin also praises Takei for his LGBT advocacy and just for being a “really cool guy.”

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Kevin, the legendary Mr. Sulu is in town for the Smithville Comic Con. Quel surprise!

Will Kevin get to meet his idol?!

Well, duh. But so can you, if you live in New York!

Mr. Takei will be at Midtown Comics on Wednesday night signing issues of Kevin Keller #6. So you actual super gay super fanboys can show that Kevin Keller how it’s done in three dimensions.

(h/t: Buzzfeed)

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