Getting By With A Little Help From Our Friends: The Nudge Out Of The Closet


Coming out is a deeply personal choice, and ultimately it should feel like the right time and place to whoever is the one taking those brave steps into the light.

That being said, sometimes the help of a friend or family member or partner is just what we need to gulp down that extra batch of courage to fully embrace ourselves.

Below, guys on Whisper share what it was like to be that helping hand:

My boyfriend helped me come out to my parents. So now I'm helping him do the same.


I'm a policeman and I helped a kid come out of the closet to his parents today. I wish I had someone to do the same for me back in the day

I helped my brother in law come out as gay. He's opened up a whole new chapter. I've never seen him so happy.

I helped my friend and his twin brother come out of the closet to their mom today she cried so much

My boyfriend broke up with me but I still helped him come out to his dad because I will always love him </3

I helped a guy in my platoon come out of the closet because I

I just helped someone come out to his fam. I hope it

Just helped someone with coming out to their parents over text. He was a total stranger. I

I am Christian and I

So I helped my best friend out of the closet today. He was so confident. Now it

My nephew came out to me since I

I had a teacher in high school help me come out to my mom. Now I teach and have helped a few other kids do the same. Full circle.