Gossip Gadfly Perez Hilton Lands Off-Broadway In “NEWSical The Musical”

On Saturday Hollywood rumor queen Perez Hilton made his debut in the headline-skewering Off-Broadway show NEWSical the Musical, where he’ll he appearing for the next four weeks. It’s not exactly stunt-casting: Hilton received a BFA in Drama from NYU and has appeared (as himself) in several TV shows, including The Sopranos.

In fact taking the New York stage has been something of a dream of his: “I put the energy out there. Every opportunity I had, I shamelessly said that I wanted to do a musical,” Hilton, (born Mario Lavandeira) told Playbill. “Then Tom D’Angora, the producer of NEWSical, reached out to me and asked me if I was interested in being in the show. I’d never seen NEWSical before, but I checked out some video clips online. I totally got it and understood why he reached out to me. It’s the perfect marriage between their brand and mine.”

What’s next for the prince of gossip?  “I would love to have a role on Smash, and it would be great to not play myself.”