Gossip Gadfly Perez Hilton Lands Off-Broadway In “NEWSical The Musical”

On Saturday Hollywood rumor queen Perez Hilton made his debut in the headline-skewering Off-Broadway show NEWSical the Musical, where he’ll he appearing for the next four weeks. It’s not exactly stunt-casting: Hilton received a BFA in Drama from NYU and has appeared (as himself) in several TV shows, including The Sopranos.

In fact taking the New York stage has been something of a dream of his: “I put the energy out there. Every opportunity I had, I shamelessly said that I wanted to do a musical,” Hilton, (born Mario Lavandeira) told Playbill. “Then Tom D’Angora, the producer of NEWSical, reached out to me and asked me if I was interested in being in the show. I’d never seen NEWSical before, but I checked out some video clips online. I totally got it and understood why he reached out to me. It’s the perfect marriage between their brand and mine.”

What’s next for the prince of gossip?  “I would love to have a role on Smash, and it would be great to not play myself.”


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  • IzzyLuna

    He started creeping me out when he got the “weird plastic-looking, unnatural looking abs” that he showed off in every photo, as if it was appropriate at every function.

  • Red Meat

    Why do people want to see this piece of trash anywhere?

  • Dumdum

    I recall my daze in THE THEATRE. Everyone said,” OH darling,just be yourself,and everyone will love you!And they do love you to your face.Then all the bitchy backstabbing queens cum out of the woodwork to trash every moment of your performance because it was good and they felt threatened.The stories I could tell the things I could have done to get parts.Brad,Tom,or John will never tell what they had to do to get the part.But I remember back in the day is was who you blow. NOT who you know. If you want to be a vacuous superficial pile of crap,then go for it baby,You will be one in a hundred thousand that makes it.

  • Dumdum

    I know that I should not say this.But if I had a crapload of money,I would hunt this bitch down,and bitch slap her into the next century where she would be put down for the sake of all humanity.

  • Dumdum

    All of the Hiltons.Paris,Perez,Whatever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cam

    Honestly, he had a fun site that was a little embarassing to read. He was responsible for Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris coming out.

    Then he started marketing himself as a brand and became just another boring, odd looking version of Liz Smith.

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