Gov. Patrick’s Daughter Comes Out, Reveals Father’s Sensitive Side

Big gay news, boys and girls! Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s daughter, Katherine Patrick has come out of the closet.

And, like a good little inspiration, went to the press with her story, including a bit about celebrating an anti-gay amendment’s defeat with her father.

As they cheered the defeat of the amendment… Katherine had never before felt more proud of her father.

“Because, of course, he didn’t know that I was gay then,” the 18-year-old recalls. “So, for someone so publicly to fight for something that doesn’t even affect him was just like, ’That’s my dad,’ you know?” she says with a laugh. “That’s all I could think. I was very, very proud to be part of this family, and this state in general.”

“It was great. I’m very glad,” she adds, looking at her father. “Don’t cry, Dad.” Patrick’s eyes are brimming with tears, prompting some good-natured teasing from his daughter. “He’s done some good things,” she says with a laugh, patting his arm. “I appreciate it. Want a tissue? Oh, God. He’s a crier.”

If that doesn’t warm your heart, nothing will.

And, for those of you who are curious, Patrick’s headed to ladies-only Smith College next fall. Smart cookie, huh?

[Photo by Marilyn Humphries.]