Great Balls of Fire

The Alaska Supreme Court has just gone where New York City’s mayor Mike Bloomberg hasn’t had the cojones to go; it approved benefits for same-sex partners of government employees. Should you move to Anchorage? A look at the home page of that city’s PFLAG organization does show it recommending the book Two Teenagers in Twenty.

Bush Billionaires

Because the Alaska court decision affects the entire state, gay residents of Clam Gulch will now enjoy civil rights greater than those that apply to homos on Eighth and Twentieth in the heart of Chelsea. Meanwhile, the non-profit group Advocates for Children carried out a study to see whether GLBT public school students are subject to harassment. Hold your breath; we’re not going to tell you right away whether they found that young queers get harassed at school.

We will remind you that Bloomberg vetoed the Dignity for All Students act. Could it be time to veto Bloomberg? That report did find that, amid much additional anti-GLBT harassment in the city’s schools, a boy threw and ignited a gasoline-soaked ball of newspapers at a girl whom he thought a lesbian. If you happen to be eligible to vote in New York and need a reminder of why you should vote for the candidate who most strongly endorses gay rights, spend time looking around

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