Gunn Takes On “Mannish” Hillary Dress
Fashionable homo Tim Gunn had some choice words for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton‘s closet on last night’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

The Bravo super star and Conan were discussing the New York Senator’s sartorial philosophy, of which Gunn does not approve:

When she was in the White House I really thought there was hope for her. And then she became the senator from New York and I thought ‘hurray, hallelujah, she’s from New York, she’s representing us, her fashion will really be ramped up,’ but I think she’s confused about what her gender is. She’s so mannish in her dress, and I believe the suits are probably made out of Kevlar. I just don’t get it.

We actually kind of dig Hillary’s trans-friendly attire. It sends a clear message: “I may have a vagina, but I can fuck you up like a man,” which will surely win over some Republican voters.

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  • abelincoln

    Oh fuck him. How about he criticize Obama for wearing off-the-rack suits. That’s total bullshit. Let’s elect a president based on the way he or she dresses. What an asshole. As if his opinion matters because he’s on a lame TV show.

  • todd

    I actually think Pelosi dresses like a woman President. Why can’t Hillary make a date with Pelosi and get some fashion tips? Would that be so hard? Feinstein wears skirts, and she has cankles, so that’s not an excuse. Obama looks spiffy and retro in his off the rack suits – very fashion forward.

  • beefy

    who the fuck cares how you dress as long as you do the job!!

  • Allen

    Oh come on! It was funny and unexpected! You queens take everything too seriously on here, you do know that, right?

  • M Shane

    It’s clear that Gunn is the one who’s confused about what she is. What , does the ass want her to appear like she was on a runwway when she addresses the nation as our leader.
    Such a stupid piss pants. She has to dress like someone who ois concerned about what she does not how fashionable she looks.

  • mikeoutwest

    I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Gunn. Jackie, Eva Peron, they could work the femme-fashion because they were total knockouts and had a team of designers behind them. Hilary, and I love Hilary, but she just doesn’t rock the runway – but let’s face it, do we really want the State of the Union address to start with “Don’t Cry for me Alabama”? Listen, she’s not as mannish as Thatcher (she doesn’t have to tuck or anything) and she’s working the middle ground pretty well. Go Hills.

  • leomoore

    I cannot say I pay much attention to the way candidates dress. If we step back and look at the candidates in both parties, all the Republicans dress like televangelists and have a slick, greasy look. Maybe Clinton could prove her femininity by wearing a really short dress, no panties, and makes sure to flash while getting out of a car.

    I didn’t start out supporting either Obama or Clinton, but after my first two choices dropped out, I had to look at them. The more I look, the more I like Hillary Clinton. Not so much Barack Obama although he beats any Republican.

  • Robert

    Transphobic and sexist all at once! How delightful.

  • cribby

    I’d love to see Hill on the podium in a nice Roland Mouret, preferably pink, and some killer heels. Preferable two-toned. Giving her acceptance speech as …re-elected senator of New York.

    C’mon, hit me with some Kucinich action.

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