Gus Kenworthy Defies Publicist, Proudly Shows Off His Fine Assets


Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind.

And sometimes that same wind will gently tickle your bare buns.

That’s the day Olympic skier and all-around cutie Gus Kenworthy is having.

Back in November of last year, he had this to say about his much-circulated naked Instagram shots:

“I just think the worry is that I’ll type-cast myself or people will come to expect it. I’m not being controlled though, [my publicist] just thinks it’s important to remain a skier and not have all the emphasis on my body. And I agree. It feels good to have a bit of validation but it’s very vain! I know it’s vain, so I don’t wanna be that guy all the time. There’s a lot more to me.”

On the flip side, he wouldn’t want to take the emphasis completely off his body, would he?

Short answer? No.

Head here for the mildly NSFW shot Gus shared while on vacation in Australia.

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