These Guys Refuse To Let HIV Stigma Into Their Lives


A new PSA aims to tackle the stigma that still surrounds HIV/AIDS. The video was produced by the Gay Men’s Health Charity, a British nonprofit, and highlights guys who, despite their statuses, are living their lives to the fullest.

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It opens with a bunch of cute men hugging and mugging, and then some introductions. They come from all walks of life, from porn star to athletes, and “there’s no barrier to life with HIV,” they say.

“You can be anything,” they proclaim. “You can do anyone.”

“There’s no shame,” the men say, some of whom are in long-term relationships. Even the actor in the porn industry is comfortable talking about his experiences, working with performers protected by PrEP.

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“I don’t let HIV stigma into my life at all,” says another speaker, and then they all declare “I’m living.”

Imagine if the LGBTs coping the the epidemic 20 years ago could have seen a video like this in the future! For over a decade, they would have been seeing people cut down in their prime by illness, by indifference, and stigma. Who could have foreseen that there would come a time when HIV was something you live with, rather than fear?