Happy Endings

A retired Anglican archbishop has been officially censured after he married some lesbos. Oh, please, isn’t the fact that he’ll burn in hell enough? [BBC News]

It may only be October, but you best be thinking about spring. Hopefully this will help. [men.style.com]

Headline: “Gays Stand To Gain If Dems Win House.” Duh. [The New York Blade]

See how progress on Michael Lucas’ new movie, La Dolce Vita, is going. If you don’t, you’re a prude. If you do, you’re a perv. [La Dolce Vita]

RI AG says Mass. marriages not valid. Yeah, we saw that one coming. [The New York Times]

The Foley IM transcript. We don’t recommend you eat before reading it. [Jossip]

Nip/Tuck creator penning show on trannie sportswriter. Brad Pitt’s signed on as producer. Oh, he’s so progressive. [The Advocate]