Happy Endings: Lizzy Gets A Gay Friend

• We fall more and more in love with Lizzy the Lezzy each day. Gary the Gay is cool, too.

• Gays love skiing in Colorado. No, actual skiing.

• CNN’s John King and Dana Bash getting married? We always thought King a queen.

More “gay” executions in Iran?

• Man pleads guilty in fatal Indiana gay bash.

Britney Spears has officially lost her mind.

• Actors boycotting Golden Globes?

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  • The Ghost of Lysistrata

    As a life-long Democrat and having come from a long line of union members, why am I having a very hard time feeling solidarity for the members of for the Writer’s Guild of America? It’s not like I haven’t tried to muster up some indignation — I really have — but no matter how many times I’ve tried, I know their jobs will never be exported to a third world country and I just can’t get it up.

  • Ash

    I was excited for a Lizzy the Lezzy video but no, it’s a stupid video about gay baseball. That was one of the stupidest, tired, cliched, unfunny, annoying videos I’ve seen in a while. I couldn’t even finish it.

  • Dawster

    i can say that i’ve been skiing in colorado many times and never once actually put on skis – LOL.

  • Hephaestion

    This video sucked so bad I am speechless. It made me ashamed to be gay. I thought we gays were creative, clever, and talented. This video is none of those things, and the flick of the limp wrist was really an insult any way you cut it.

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