Happy Endings: Meredith and Mr. Gay

• Apparently Meredith Viera will be Katie Couric‘s replacement on The Today Show, now that Couric is leaving for greener pastures. And that means we’ll start paying more attention to Viera, whom we love; watching The View was just too much to stomach with America’s leading foe of the gays, Star Jones, and “dumber than Debbie Matenopoulos” Elizabeth Hasselbeck flapping their jaws all over the place. Blech. [TMZ]

mr gay germany
Ibrahim Hannina, a.k.a. Mr. Germany, enters the International Mr. Gay competition. Seriously, we’re so excited for this contest, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We ran various German Mr. Gay web pages through translation services, and we think his “talent” had something to do with baking cakes. Whatever, he looks great in shorty-shorts! [InternationalMrGay]

Tom Cruise was abused by his father. And perhaps things start to make sense. [FemaleFirst]

Survival Of The Richest is a terrible show, but the gay contestant gives a funny interview nonetheless. [WilametteWeek]

• America’s favorite 1980’s lesbians “roommates” Kate & Allie will be on DVD May 2. Although since we saw Chip (Frederick Koehler) naked on Oz, the show just isn’t the same. [TVShowsOnDVD]