Happy Endings: The Day James Dobson Got Off

James Dobson and his GOP-backing not an infringement of Focus on the Family’s non-profit status, says IRS.

• Worst opening to a Larry Craig story ever?

If nothing else, Sen. Larry Craig defies our impulsive hetero stereotype of gay men as frail, prissy little things flitting around like butterflies on a hydrangea bush.

That’s quite a specific stereotype.

• There’s something rotten in the state of YouTube: the mega site’s apparently censoring gay kissing, but allows videos of gay bashing. WTF?!

Justin Timberlake and his penis won an Emmy for “Dick In A Box”. Sadly, he and his penis didn’t make an acceptance speech. Boo!

• Our daddy went to the VMAs and all we got was this super-duper party round-up! (And a sympathetic hang-over.)

Fred Thompson thinks you’re a deviant of the sexual variety. And, probably, a fag.

Michael Rogers narrows sights: no staffers, just elected officials.