Happy Endings: The Day We Got Down With M.I.A. and Her “Boyz”

M.I.A. and New Now Next’s John Polly gab on the gays, being famous and her new track, “Boyz”.

• If NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg isn’t running for president, what’s with Mike2008.com?

• How did former Men’s Fitness editor Neal Boulton boot Genre‘s Chris Ciompi? He called David Unger and asked for the job.

To-do on August 4th: stop homophobia in Poland.

Joe Barber, one of Big Brother‘s two openly gay contestants, dishes the dirt.

• Egyptian born Mohamed Sarhan not gay enough for Australian asylum.

• Geezers getting sex education.

Ohio’s domestic violence law does not violate ban on gay marriage:

In a 6-1 decision, justices rejected an argument that the domestic violence law was unenforceable in cases involving unmarried couples because it refers to them as living together “as a spouse.”

The man who raised the issue, Michael Carswell, can now be tried for charged his live-in girlfriend.

• Officials in Papau, Indonesia mulling electronic tagging to track HIV positive people. That’s officially whack.

Today is Butt Pirate Day!