Happy Endings: The Day We Learned Something About Ourselves

• The number one reason why men shower after sex:

…Men are 0-to-60 machines, baby, and we can stop on a dime. Two seconds before orgasm, we might savor the thought of belly flopping in a pool of love juices, but two seconds afterward, lust plummets and we just feel … well, sticky.

Until the “love juices” dry. Then we feel crusty.

• National gay groups call on Broward County Commission to take action against Fort Lauderdale’s anti-gay mayor, Jim Naugle.

Overzealous donkey needs to learn some sexual manners.

• Oakland newspaper editor Chauncey Bailey assassinated.

Black gay men come together to fight AIDS.

America’s infrastructure needs a face lift.

• Rhode Island’s lesbian divorce trial given gubernatorial green light.

Sweden’s Lutheran Church full of gay pride.