Happy Endings: The ‘Short Bus’ Has Arrived

Richard Simmons guest stars on Whose Line Is It Anyway and plays inanimate objects to be ridden by the other men. We always thought he was a perv, but this is the hilarious proof. [YouTube]

John Cameron Mitchell

John Cameron Mitchell‘s improvised porno movie Shortbus is being screened at Cannes. One of the highlights is a performance of the national anthem during butt sex. It sounds like compelling stuff. [WOW Report]

• See the newest swimsuits for summer and what’s underneath them in the HX swimwear issue. [HX via Rod 2.0]

Alias star/all-around dreamboat Michael Vartan has a brown penis. No lie. [ELH, NSFW]

• We never knew that Dolly Parton and Hulk Hogan had ever artistically collaborated. The results are indescribable. [Nervous Breakdown]

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  • Doug

    ‘Brown Vartain weinees and improvised butt sex’ – these ae a few of my favorite th-iiinnnnnggs!

  • The Ghost of My Puberty

    I checked out the link (nice) but his Little Mikey didn’t look like it was abnormally dark. Whoever came up with this must 1) have sex with the light off, or 2) have only dated the pigmentarily challenged, or 3) have never seen a naked man before (it’s that kid from Airplane). I can hear it now, the next gay bar backroom taunt, “Brown dick, brown dick — get away from me! it’s hideous!” God, before you know it we’re going to have a bunch of men who bleach their man meat — and I hate the taste of bleach! (Now watch, somebody from Procter & Gamble is reading this and tomorrow they’ll come out with Crest Wanker Whites.)

    I don’t know how or why but this post reminds me when I was 12 or 13 and got off by looking at the hairy airpits of basketball players in the newspaper. Because if they had hair under their arms, they had hair you know where!

  • Jerry

    I mean, really. Like I’m not gonna grab the meat because it’s too dark?

    Jeez, what kind of queer do you take me for? Dick is dick.

  • David

    Would you expect anything less from this site?

  • Meg Daly

    Hey all,

    Fresh from Cannes, John Cameron Mitchell will be the closing night speaker for Frameline’s Persistent Vision conference, June 19-22 in San Francisco. Don’t miss your chance to hear Mitchell talk about the intersection and difference between porn and art films.

    Other noted speakers and panelists at the four-day conference include film and cultural critic B. Ruby Rich, TV host and writer Keith Boykin, and directors Malcolm Ingram,Jamie Babbit, Guinevere Turner, Angela Robinson, Rodney Evans, Parvez Sharma, Jenni Olson, Susan Stryker, and over 50 other queer media arts professionals.

    More info and registration at http://www.pv2006.org

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