Happy Endings: Um….

Dog The Bounty Hunter erroneously imagined himself to be “down” enough to use the word “nigger”. He was wrong.

Radar tests naughty t-shirt limits, proves New Yorkers have thick skin.

Andrew Sullivan takes on the Clintons:

Democrats, it seems to me, also have a right to know whether the Clinton team expects another out-break of the kind of scandals that rocked and roiled the country the last time this couple occupied the White House together. Are we headed back to marital psychodrama as public spectacle?

Well, it’s more interesting than the frigid Bush family.

Joey “Fat One” Fatone warned Lance Bass of mother’s wrath.

• British rugger Ben Cohen will show his gay fans how much he loves them. Says his press flack:

Ben is currently in the middle of his testimonial year celebrating the last 10 years of his rugby career. He understands that a high proportion of his fans are gay and to thank them for their constant loyalty through good and bad times he is planning a gay night celebration in London in March. Full details will be announced later this year.

Sounds like a party.

French Dubai rape teen takes the stand.

Struggling New York actor tells all.

• Aussie politico flip-flops for gay votes.

Details provides details on the gay exile.

• Lesbian Lutheran pastor Jen Rude refuses celibacy vow.