Happy Endings: We Like To Get Freaky

Joe Gannascoli interviewed on his skyrocketing success as gay mobster “Vito Spatafore” on The Sopranos. Says Gannascoli: “I would have sucked c*** a long time ago if I knew this was going to happen. ” [AfterElton]

alexis02.jpeg• Hypothesis: “All songs that have the word ‘freak’ in them are actually speaking in code for anal sex.” Discuss. [ManhattanOffender]

• Mr. Twink Confessions Damien tried to add Alexis Arquette as a friend on MySpace. Alexis wasn’t having it. Read the SCATHING reply here. [Mr. Nightlife Hollywood]

• For some reason, ice skaters are all over internet video these days. First, figure skater Brian Joubert works out his butt. Make sure you’re sitting, you may faint. Then watch Yevgeny Plushenko perform in a…we don’t know what to call it. Horror show? Catastrophe? Funniest thing ever? You decide. And we thought the figure skating tribute to Brokeback Mountain was good.

• A&E’s “Pack of Lies” exposes gay crystal meth murder case, or a man stabbed a zillion times in his Miami home: “To find the killer, they must infiltrate the drug ring in order to discover the truth buried in a pack of lies.” You can cut the tension with a knife! Airs tonight, set your TiVos. Who doesn’t love gay druggie murder stories? Delicious. [A&E]

• …and finally, strictly for your entertainment: Paul “Boom Boom” Lekakis sings his hit song on some late-80’s dance show. A certain member of the Queerty editorial staff appeared in a public service announcement for HIV awareness, where he made out in a car with Paul for two days straight as the cameras rolled. Paul, FYI, is a super-good kisser. [Virtual Matter]