Happy Endings: YouTube Madness

Willam from Nip/Tuck ate peanuts–as in, the real peanuts, please get your mind out of the gutter–and had a horrendous allergic reaction. Nothing to do but sit around and heal, he scoped out YouTube for us. Enjoy his recommends. [NoExtraI]

house of venus.jpg• We were obsessed with 8th and Ocean from day one. Michael at DListed is finally coming around, thanks to Vinci. [DListed]

• Will United 93, the movie about the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, feature Mark Bingham as gay? Since he was in real life… [QueerBeacon]

Bradford thinks House of Venus is hysterical. Don’t blame the rest of us if you don’t agree. (Although some of us watch Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel like she is unlocking secrets of the universe. We all have our own tastes.) [YouTube]