Heath Talks Gay Harrassment

Heath Advocate

If it seems like Jake Gyllenhaal’s doe-eyed mug has graced every magazine cover over the past two months, it’s because it probably has. Not that we mind, but what about giving Heath Ledger some love?

Well, a solo Heath finally pops up on the cover of a national magazine (and a gay one at that) promoting, what else, Brokeback Mountain. And he has something to reveal.

Straight boy has been a victim of gay harrassment:

Now, you began your career playing a gay role on Australian television, right? [Laughs] Yeah!

How did you deal with the media then? I can’t really remember. I actually remember getting harassed on the street.

So that’s why he’s so damn convincing in the movie. He’s working from personal experience!

Heath can now thank homophobic Aussies for helping him prepare for his role on Brokeback.

Heath on top [The Advocate]