Hairy or smooth?

Henry Cavill shaves himself totally bare

Breaking news, folks. Henry Cavill has bid adieu to the sexy pornstache he grew for the upcoming Mission: Impossible movie.

In a new video posted on social media, the hunky Brit opens up about saying farewell to his prodigious lip rug.

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“Hello, don’t be alarmed,” Cavill, clean-shaven and wearing nothing more than a white bathrobe and terrycloth turban, says. “It’s me, Henry Cavill, sometime superhero and former secret agent.”

“But now, completely clean-shaven. I know, it’s hard to recognize me without KingStache. Sometimes I even have trouble recognizing myself.”

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The hilarious video, which was posted just a few hours ago, already has almost 1 million views.

“He’s really gone,” an emotional Cavill says. “I will remember him, always.”