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Here are some handsome, openly gay divers who just made history

Virginia Tech believed they’d never had an athlete come out publicly as LGBT, until last week, that is. And not just one.

Even more notable: at the NCAA Zone A Championships hosted by Virginia Tech and held in Christiansburg, Va., five out LGBTQ men’s divers competed (one requested not to be named in the below video).

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Old Dominion junior Cory Moreno, Drexel freshman Anthony Musciano, West Virginia junior Alex Obendorf, and Harvard junior David Pfeifer made history in what is believed to be the largest group of out divers to ever compete at the event.

“That’s a big thing, especially for just one zone,” said Obendorf, who came out publicly in 2014. “I personally wouldn’t think there would be that many [LGBT] people here.”


h/t OutSports

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  • ChrisK

    I thought most in swimming were gay anyways. Good for them though.

  • Chevelter

    Five out divers but one doesn’t want to be named and two others won’t appear on camera to talk. Hmmm. They could be out-er.

    • Bryguyf69

      Not really. If they allow their names and images to be used, they’re out. Some people are just camera shy or don’t like the sound of their voices, which have nothing to do with being closeted. As for the unnamed diver, he may simply not want the publicity. Or being contacted on social media, both good and bad. That would certainly be the case with me. It does not, however, mean that he’s not out to his community and in his daily interactions.

  • MikeE

    and they are not “LGBT” divers, unless the unnamed one is a lesbian, bi, or trans.
    they are a bunch of gay divers.

    • Bryguyf69

      No one is “LGBT.” Generally, you’re either L,G or B, with the possible addition of T. As such, “LGBT” is simply an umbrella term, meaning you fit into one of the categories. It’s not precise, but it’s accurate.


      To be fair those brows are somewhat undecided or possibly in a category of their own

    • RiBrad

      Yeah, it’s not a big deal, but I find this weird too. The narrator says: “Five divers identify as LGBT…. All five divers, who identify as gay….” So why bother mentioning the L, B, and T to begin with? Identity labels are so bizarre when you think about it.

    • mhoffman953

      I thought it is now LGBTQAI+, so if we call them “LGBT” divers, shouldn’t they be “LGBTQAI+” divers?

    • BitterOldQueen

      Absolutely perfect, MikeE! That’s the thing that really annoyed me about this article: NO ONE comes out as “LGBTQ”. I can just see it: “Mom, Dad, I’m…lesbian gay bisexual transgender and either queer or questioning depending on who you ask. I’m a very confused young homosexual male.” But, oh, we have to be so all-inclusive all the time, lest someone’s tender feelings get hurt when somebody gets attention who’s not them. Argh, our poor community, blowing itself up in a spasm of self-righteous indignation–at itself. Thank you.

  • Bryguyf69

    This is great but not unexpected. Diving is mostly an individual sport (with the exception of synchro). Team unity is then a non-issue so one doesn’t need acceptance. And locker room paranoia is less of an issue since these guys are near-naked constantly. Being in the shower is really not much different from being in the pool. Finally, divers don’t really have a lot of commercial potential. So there’s little worry about losing sponsorship or homophobic boycotts. That said, being out is still admirable, and I have no doubt that this has helped some gay kid be himself. (*nudge* *nudge* Kristian Ipsen)

  • Daniel-Reader

    Great that they are all participating in a sport they enjoy.

  • jess_lopez

    There’s so many gay men in diving that soon it will be straight divers who will be coming out. LOL

  • Kangol

    Diverse divers, gay, bi, questioning, queer, etc. It’s all good, more power to them!

  • scotty

    yinz can swim with me anytime. cheers for the guys yay!

  • jjose712

    It’s a sport were the best of all time is gay and the most known current star is gay too, which probably encourage others to come out of the closet because being gay is not a hurdle to succeed in diving

  • nitejonboy

    Normally I’m checking out packages and butts, but this time I was all about dem’ eyebrows!! DAMN!!!

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