Hey NOM, Where Are Your Christians Bashed By Gay People?

Even though the National Organization for Marriage would like everyone to believe that “marriage defenders” get attacked by gays all the time, they have yet to produce even one religious person beat up by gays for their Christian identity. Meanwhile, we’ve got two gay men beat up by so-called Christians for their gay identity… and that’s just this week!

Jerry Pittman Jr. and his boyfriend Dustin Lee tried to attend a service at the Grace Fellowship Church in Fruitland, Tennessee but the church’s pastor (aka Pittman’s father), two deacons, and Pittman’s uncle started yelling anti-gay slurs and punching the men to keep them from entering the church. When the cops came, they allegedly did nothing to curb the deacons’ anti-gay slurs nor did they allow Pittman and Lee to file a report.

Nevertheless, the boyfriends did eventually file charges and will appear alongside their four attackers in court tomorrow.

So where are your Christians physically bullied by gay people, NOM? If you find us one, we’d love to interview them. We’d hold our breath, but we all know NOM doesn’t like responding to our requests to talk.