High School Teacher Under Investigation For Equating Gay/Straight Alliance To Deer Poaching

The kids are alright. We’ve seen time and time again examples of shifting perceptions on gay and gender issues in young people. That’s not to say they’re golden — suicide, depression and bullying remain huge hurdles. But it feels like the needle is generally moving in the right direction.

1896934_10152258678679185_1094060313_nWe wish we could say the same about their would-be stewards through adolescence. It seems unimaginable that a teacher would go out of his or her way to put down, demean and inflict harm upon their students.

But a teacher at Parkersburg South High School in West Virginia has done just that. Meet David Foggin, our least favorite person of the day.

David finds the idea of a Gay/Straight alliance on campus just preposterous, and posted this message on facebook along with a photo of an alliance flier:


So just to break it down, David, you see gay/straight as polar opposites analogous to drunk/teetotaler and drugged/sober, and you find the notion of the club as ridiculous as a group that would promote street racing or deer poaching.

The post was widely shared among students and faculty, and the school district says it’s “looking into it.”

David, if this post makes it to your inbox, we know this might be a little bit of a stretch for you to grasp, but gay and questioning youth have enough problems to deal with without feeling bullied by their teachers. Keep your opinions to yourself next time, though we’re hoping this ends in you being nowhere around kids ever again.

Oh and lay off the sarcasm, it’s not really working for you.