McCain Takes It For Republicans

Hillary Clinton “Comes Back”

Democrat Hillary Clinton surprised critics and comrades alike last night in New Hampshire.

Despite early projections, the Senator from New York managed to take first place with 39% of the votes. Main competitor Barack Obama, meanwhile, grabbed a close second with 37% of citizens. It’s unclear whether Clinton’s teary breakdown Monday had anything to do with her win, but women certainly went for the former first lady:

Clinton’s campaign inspired a gender gap in New Hampshire, with Clinton winning by 9 points among women voters, while Obama won men by a wide 42-30 percent margin.

Among women ages 65 and over, Clinton won 57 percent to Obama’s 27 percent. In comparison, Clinton and Obama tied at 39 percent among men 65 and over.

Senator John Edwards finished third with 17% of the total vote.

Taking the stage late last night, Clinton thanked the “fiercely independent” New Hampshire residents and insisted that she’s in this election for the “long run”. She also alluded to her presidential husband’s 1992 comeback in New Hampshire:

I come tonight with a full heart. Over the last week, I have listened to you, and in the process I found my own voice.

Together let’s give America the kind of comeback that New Hampshire has just given me.

John McCain met expectations and won on the Republican side, with many independents veering toward his foreign policy experience. The Senator from Arizona took 37% of Republican votes, while Mitt Romney finished second with 32%. He’s the only former Massachusetts governor to lose the New Hampshire primary.

Mitt, of course, wants to play this like a win.

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