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Hillary Clinton: Nope, I Still Don’t Think There Should Be Nationwide Marriage Equality

With Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard refusing to budge on her No Gay Marriage stance despite her Labor Party possibly reversing course at its national conference, U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton for a brief moment became the focus of the marriage equality debate while answering questions from college students in Melbourne. So how’d she answer a question about where she stands on the issue?

“I have been a strong supporter of ending discrimination, particularly focusing on hate crimes and workplace bias and the like. I have not supported same-sex marriage,” she told the student. “I have supported civil partnerships and contractual relationships, yet I am supportive of our states taking actions that they believe reflects the evolution of attitudes about this.”

Translation: She’s fine with you homos getting married if you can convince your lawmakers to permit it, and keep your fellow voters from banning it, but she’s not about to say the federal government should in any way recognize your little piece of paperwork.

And I’ve got little to no tolerance for anyone claiming she said anything more than that, or privately supports marriage equality. We have only her word to take her on, and what she just told you is that she does not believe same-sex marriage is equal to heterosexual marriage.