Hillary Clinton Turns Ellen DeGeneres’ Star Power Into Worldwide Weapon Against AIDS

Today Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton named Ellen DeGeneres as a Special Envoy for Global AIDS Awareness in hopes that DeGeneres will use her 8 million Twitter followers and 5.8 million Facebook fans to help raise international awareness about AIDS. We wonder how well DeGeneres will play in African and Middle Eastern countries that aren’t so very friendly to lesbian types. Hmmm…

Image via toglenn

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  • jason

    Ellen is hugely over-exposed. Having her as an AIDS awareness envoy is yet another indication of this. Besides, what has she ever done that qualifies her for the job? Go away, Ellen.

    It should also be pointed out that Ellen has supported and promoted homophobic guests on her show during the past few years.

  • Little Kiwi

    citations please, jason?

    which homophobic guests has she “supported”? she rather wonderfully challenged John McCain three years ago.

    what are you so specifically angry about?

  • corvidae

    @Little Kiwi: Don’t feed the troll.

  • ron

    Wouldn’t a gay man or a black woman be more appropriate for the job. How many white lesbians have HIV?

  • christopher di spirito

    The challenge for Ellen will be to resist the urge to make the assignment a stage for her comedy routine, the way she on American Idol. HIV/AIDS is too serious an issue to get lost on Ellen stale comedy.

  • WillBFair

    She’s not the best fit for this job. She may have the best timing in comedy, but aids is no laughing matter.

  • ewe

    Is that straight bleach she uses or is it a particular clairol shade?

  • christopher di spirito

    I wonder if she will push Veganism as a cure for HIV/AIDS?

  • Riker

    Before y’all go around saying she isn’t qualified, what qualifications are needed to be an envoy focused on a single issue? She presumably cares about the issue. She has a following, many of which are well aware of the dangers of HIV and would no doubt be willing to help volunteer. She is a kind and compassionate person. She has an army of PR people who can put out press releases and get her interviews in major media outlets, including in the most affected area.

    Sure sounds better than some faceless bureaucrat sitting behind a desk signing forms all day.

  • jason

    Ellen has had black singer Usher on her show at least once or twice in recent times. Several years ago, Usher made highly derogatory remarkes about male homosexuals.

    Ellen was clearly quite supportive of Usher despite his highly homophobic remarks about male homosexuals.

  • Jonathan

    I heard Clinton was pushing circumcision as a cure. Obviously, she’s gone off the rails if she believes that (and I LIKED Clinton). We tried that; most sexually active men in American were circumcised when HIV/AIDS first hit (in fact, the percentages have never been higher) and it still spread like wildfire. Western Europe has the lowest rates of HIV/AIDS infection in the world and they very rarely circumcise outside of religion. It’s sexist, unethical and wrong to push that as a solution and she should be ashamed of herself.

  • ynottonycom

    Yoga Teacher, tony eason
    I believe that World History is a reflection of the thoughts, actions and words, of Human Beings. Therefore, I have chosen to be a positive addition to History. And, I strive to live a non- violent (ahimsa) and empowering way of life. [However, I’m not a saint/far from perfect].

  • ynottonycom

    Simply fantastic! Thank you Ellen for stepping up to the plate. You are a perfect representative of the Gay & Lesbian Community. Now if you teamed up with Oprah Winfrey – the two of you could rock this world & make it such a better place –

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