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Hillary Clinton’s ‘It Gets Better’ Video Points Out Kevin Jennings Has Yet to Record One

You should follow Hillary Clinton‘s advice to “hang in there” because she wears pantsuits. And when Mad Men‘s John Slattery comes out with his video for HRC’s Campaign for New York Marriage, you should follow his advice, because he also wears pantsuits.

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  • Dallas David


  • Chris

    I think it’s great that she did this, and unlike Kevin Jennings Hillary is known to millions, so this is much better!

  • Devonasa

    I love this woman, and appreciate her so much for taking the time to do this.

  • CJ

    It’s interesting that our Secretary of State is recording a message. Where is the President, Vice President and rest of the Cabinet? How about Obama giving a sincere and non-political “It gets better” video with his entire Cabinet standing behind him? Oh, that’s right, we don’t have a leader in the White House. Everyone else leads and he gets dragged along or just watches from the sidelines. That is, unless he wants to challenge a ruling that helped the LGBT community out.

  • Jake the libertarian

    I am certainly no fan of her politics, but it is wonderful that she did this. Thanks Hill-Dawg!

  • reason

    @CJ: If he did you would be crying that he is just pandering right now.

  • Michael W.

    @CJ: Like you and the rest of the “I Want It Now!” brigade wouldn’t shit all over Obama’s video. He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

    Here’s the first five comments in that Queerty post:

    No. 1 . Screw your video, Obama. This won’t get me to open up my wallet. Until DADT is repealed you can shove it up your ass!

    No. 2 . Mr. President I’m afraid you have no credibility to speak here. You’re no better than the bullies who push these kids past the brink considering you’re just as bigoted in your opposition to marriage equality.

    No. 3 . If anything I’d rather see a video from judge Virginia Phillips since she’s the only one willing to fight for us. Damn dirty Democrats. Damn DNC. Damn HRC. Damn it all to hell. We need to start our own political party.

    No. 4 . After all the money I donated, and having to stand in line in the rain for 20 minutes on election day to vote for you, all I get is this lousy video? This is change I can believe in?

    No. 5 . President Obama if you really wish to help stop these suicides, you first need to stop relegating us to second class citizenry. All you’ve offered thus far are cheap words and they’ve gotten us NOWHERE! It’s time for action!

  • Michael

    I don’t understand the comparisons to Obama. She has 100% the same position on every single gay issue as Obama does. That includes gay marriage, which neither of them is in favor of. Hillary is one of the “champions” of civil unions.

  • Andrew

    @Michael: Bill did come out in favor of Marriage Equality recently (along with his VP) and so I do have to wonder if that’s translated to her opinion as well.

  • Pip

    @Andrew: She alludes to “many” gay Americans who “now” have the right to live their lives freely/openly.

  • ewe

    She deserves an award for that performance.

  • ewe

    Obviously there are many here willing to chew her toenails. She is not your ally. She is not for equality. The record proves that and so do many of her other words. What a crock. That was the same as seeing George Bush reading his script written by other people. HOLLOW and without life. I am not falling for this bullshit.

  • ewe

    All she is saying is “make it through childhood so you can be discriminated against as an adult”.

  • Theo

    Thank for reaching out. Love you Hillary.

  • Stefan

    You go girl!!!

  • Jake

    I love her. She’s intelligent and actually has balls. Listening to her speak and listening to Sarah Palin/Christine O’Donnel is like night and day. This women NEEDS to be President in 2016.

  • Sean

    @Andrew: I just don’t understand why gays prefer her over Obama (besides the fact that she is the political Cher/ChristinaAguilera/MariahCarey/LizaMinelli).

    As far as policy on gay issues, 100% identical to Obama.

    It’s very telling that most people here defend by saying “Well Bill favors it, so clearly it has been transmitted from husband to wife”, but when it comes to Obama, he’s gay public enemy #1.

  • Jonny

    God Bless Hilary Clinton

  • Kev C

    Her scripted message was trite, cliched and insincere.

  • Viral

    I’m really over these videos. They come off rather condescending, as it makes the assumption that somehow, magically constantly wading through shit will make it go away. There is no guarantee that anything will get better. I want to encourage them like anyone else, but if someone is depressed and upset enough to seriously consider ending his own life, it’s not going to help him to basically be encouraged to put it off. If they’re that unhappy, it’s just delaying the inevitable because it really doesn’t necessarily get better. Maybe if you’re rich, or pretty, or you fall in with the right crowd; maybe if you’re incredibly lucky, or you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

    Basically you just get older and the struggles usually get less immediate and more frustrating. You grow into a world where you are a second-class citizen and actually having rights like everyone else is an everyday battle. You’re accused of being everything from unnatural to evil. And gay culture isn’t that much better — in a lot of the popular gay culture, your existence might as well end at 30, or if — god forbid — you’re black.

    We have to be willing to say enough. And offer ourselves to those who suffer by making ourselves available on the internet (or any other immediate means) to give advice and when necessary, call for help. One saved child is worth it. Take the fight to the sources of this hate. Do not back down. Join the Gay support groups and legal funds to help. Just do SOMETHING.

  • tallskin2

    Er, remind me again why you yanks didn’t choose this woman to be your democratic candidate for president?

    Why did you choose Obama?

    Just so I am clear.

    Cos I am confused.

  • jason

    Hillary Clinton is a fraud who failed to speak out against DOMA and DADT, two pieces of legislation that were signed into law by her husband. She stood by and watched. Not only have these laws contributed to the degradation of gay people, they have also contributed to suicides of the type that have come to the media’s attention recently.

    Hillary is and will always be a sleazy opportunist. Let’s not allow her to sucker punch us again. Buzz off, Hillary.

  • Samwise

    Geez, you guys, she didn’t have to do this. She’s the Secretary of State: her thing is foreign policy. And regardless of what a lot of people are saying, she’s not gunning for vice president. Recording a video for suicidal queer kids doesn’t help her politically in any way. She did this out of the goodness of her heart. And yes, it comes off as kind of stiff and scripted, but that’s the way she does things. (I’d talk stiffly too if for two decades I’d been attacked for everything from being too outspoken to having ugly hairstyles.) Her concern comes across in the fact that she recorded the video to begin with.

    I was an Obama supporter in ’08 and I still think he’s doing a better job than Hillary would have. But on a personal level, I like her. And I really appreciate her recording this message, because again, she really didn’t have to. Rock on, Hill-Dawg!


    I made the prediction a while ago and am reaffirming it here now…..

    If the Dems lose big time on Nov.2, showing just how bad Obama and his misguided policies blew the real opportunites they had with majorities in both houses big time, HRC will resign her post right after the new year. And will challange Obama for the Dem nomination in 2012……..You heard it here first (again :p)

  • Soupy

    I think that if he could convince her to be his vice president, it would certainly help his chances of re-election.

  • Brutus

    @CJ: “[W]e don’t have a leader in the White House.”

    I am tired of the American people demanding a King in Washington. Please stop.

  • Phillip


    We like her because she is strong and knows how to play tough with the Republicans, unlike The One, who demonstrates his weakness and incompetence time and time again. (And comparing her to Liza et al only reveals your misogny, a condition shared by most Hillary-haters). It is time for you 2008 Obama true-believers to admit that The One has played you. We told you he was just a speech. Own it.

  • Brutus

    @Phillip: “comparing her to Liza et al only reveals your misogny, a condition shared by most Hillary-haters”

    Oh, please. That’s just like calling anyone who doesn’t like Obama racist.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @jason: Agreed. No Democrat is our friend on any level of government any more than a Republican. The only people gays can trust are other gays. Things would be no different under a Hillaryocracy than a Baracktatorship, because they will play the game to benefit themselves.

    @Viral: You have hit the nail on the head as to why I can’t stand these “It gets better” videos. It’s an inane platitude that provides no ideas as to how to solve the problem. You might as well put on a curly red wig and sing “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow”. Which reminds me, I need to start working on my Halloween costume.

    We need to encourage bullied children to do is fight back. And their parents need to teach them how to fight back, and fight the school administrators who enable the bullies. Take them to martial arts classes, give them Swiss army knives to bring to school, give them gun safety classes and the guns to go with it, whatever it takes. When our survival is at stake then violence is the answer. Breeder bullies must die.

    @Brutus: We don’t need to demand a king. We already have Barackus Obamus Caesar, that’s close enough.

  • reason

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: You are wrong on so many levels, Hillary values loyalty and she is loyal to this president. The progressive base also hates Hillary with a passion killing her chances to win. She supports saber-rattling with Iran, was a major pusher to send more troops to Afghanistan, and is generally more hawkish then anyone in the administration. She also would have a hard time getting the moderate democrats granted Obama has pleased a lot of them from abstaining from the far left, and top that of with democrats loyalty to their sitting president. She wouldn’t be able to beet him, and would only take blame for trying to fracture the party. Hillary also knows that her husbands party took a huge bashing in 94 his second year in office and won reelection in 96. If anything Hillary is working her tail off to make this a great administration so she can use that boost to win in 2016.

    Also even with the poor state of the economy, and his parties state of affairs Obama’s poll numbers are unusually high. Higher than many presidents at this time, and if you factor in the margin of error his numbers may not be significantly different over the past year. If the economy trends upward, which all of the leading indicators suggest, his poll numbers are going to quickly climb upward from the not so bad 47% approval. With the GOP’s return to power the responsibility of governing is going to land on their shoulders, and the blame that comes with it. A Speaker Boehner is actual going to be a good thing for the presidents reelection hopes, and don’t forget to add in the chaos of crazy tea party people in congress that are going to cause the GOP leadership a lot of problems.


    @reason: You have given creedence to my post. The repugnaticans in a majority will be nothing short of a clusterfuck. The teabaggers can not even comprehend the concept of bipartisanship. Washington will come to a grinding halt with massive gridlock. HRC will seize upon this massive drama and claim the middle ground. She will drum up those who pine for the “good old days” of when her husband was in office. Many of the moderate repubs will grow disenchanted with what they have wrought upon us. She will very easily carve a path right down the middle laying blame on the whole nightmare which will engulf DC directley on Obama’s shoulders and the blown opportunities he had with a solid majority in both houses.

    You can not think that Hillary does not wish to avenge the wrong of her being denied the nomination in ’08 thru Obamas campaign. There is a feeling that he jumped the line and he should have waited until it “was his turn”. The economy will contiune to sour with basically a non working government thru the antics one can only imagine the tea party lunatics will wage once elected. Hillary will emerge as a proven sane candidate who many will flock to simply for a return to some levels of sanity……..

  • Benjamin

    You know what’s odd to me? Just about every gay and gay supporting celebrity on the planet has recorded on of these “It Gets Better” videos. And good. These need to be everywhere. I wish I had been able to hear these documents of hope and reassurance when I was a kid. Every time I see that someone has recorded one, it makes me happy. Everyone from the well meaning and genuine “gay next door”, to the most craven and unabashed press whores our society has to offer has recorded an “It Gets Better” video, and the idea is so positive and so brilliantly direct that it is effective and valuable even when repeated by someone as polarizing as Perez Hilton. It is a wonderful message.

    The thing is, it’s Dan Savage’s message.

    He started this whole thing. I know that everyone here knows that, and I’m not trying to patronize anyone by an earnest reminder. I just wish he would get a bit more credit for it. He managed to bring the disparate parts of our far flung and troubled community together around a simple message in a way that I have never quite seen before. It is an amazing achievement.

    And I don’t want to be paranoid Heterophobia guy, but shouldn’t this whole thing have made Dan Savage a great big star? Or at least a bit more notable? Shouldn’t we be seeing profiles of him on the news, and in major media outlets? More attention on the man, and energy he’s brought to the movement? I’ve seen so many articles about the “It Get’s Better” videos, and who is recording them, that don’t even mention his name. This has to have made Dan Savage one of the most important figures in the modern gay rights activism scene, right? How many Gay Rights Advocates can the average person name? At this point, after this, shouldn’t at the very least Dan Savage be one of them? It’s like the press is somehow avoiding him. They appear happy to embrace his project, but not quite as eager to embrace the man behind it, and that seems strange to me. Are they threatened by him in some way? Is this a reflection of the population?

    It sometimes feels like people are willing to accept and embrace the idea that discriminating and persecuting the gay population is wrong, and will support “the gay community” generally, as long as that does not involve having to know or care about any gay people specifically. Like that as a group, we have a valid point, but that as individual people, we are still alarming and objectionable. I hope that’s not the case. I’m sure I’m wrong about this, but I’m curious to hear any theories about it.

  • Ran

    So, well done and well said – Brava!

  • jason

    Hillary Clinton is a pig in a pantsuit, a liar, a fraud, a vacillator, and an all-round sleazy person. She basically clapped as her husband Bill Clinton signed DADT and DOMA into law. She is not entitled to “admired persons” status despite the best efforts of Gay Inc to promote her as such.

    Hillary is to Bill what Eva Braun was to Hitler. Nuff said.

  • Thrutch

    This is the first it gets better video I believed, I just booked an appointment with a therapist. I’m second year university and have a family that rejects me for being gay. I viewed most of the It gets better stuff as crap and lies and bad jokes. I believed this one, thanks queerty for posting it.

  • Erik

    @Thrutch: I am curious to hear what you think about my “It Gets Better” video. Check it out:


    I am glad Hillary Clinton made this video. I hope with the making of this video she realizes that it is important for her to be in favor of gay marriage.

    I hope some of the people who are against gay rights are able to see some of these videos, perhaps the videos will help them understand that gay people are equals, we just want to be happy, and having hatred or dislike towards gay people can have serious consequences.


  • Black Pegasus

    So the President can give the same message and you bitches will piss all over it with your hateful comments, yet Hillary gets LOVE and ADMIRATION?

    Thanks, got it!

    I think I understand now..SMH!

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