Hillary Releases Delegates

As Democrats prepare for Bill Clinton’s speech tonight, Hillary Clinton today released her delegates to Barack Obama.

Less than an hour before the Democratic convention calls the roll of the states, Hillary Rodham Clinton began an emotional gathering with her delegates Wednesday by telling them she was releasing them as delegates to vote for Barack Obama. Many in the crowded ballroom yelled back “No!”

Clinton told her delegates she’s not telling them what to do, adding: “You’ve come here from so many different places, having made this journey and feeling in your heart what is right for you to do.”

Clinton also told delegates she’s signed her ballot for Obama, but will not tell her supporters how to vote.

Many of you feel a responsibility to represent your voters. Others of you want the chance to vote what’s in your heart. Still others will be voting for Senator Obama because they want to demonstrate their commitment to the party and the nominee. So I am not telling you what to do.

And even if Clinton did tell them what to do, many probably wouldn’t listen