HIV Resistant Protein?


Okay, now onto some real news:

Scientists at Sangamo Biosciences have developed a protein that may make human cells permanently resistant to HIV.
Though no human trials have yet been initiated, they’re hopeful that when introduced into a human subject the results will be the same.

Reuters reports:

The Sangamo compound is part of a newly evolving class of drugs known as CCR5 receptor antagonists, which target a strain of the HIV virus called R5 and are designed to block a key receptor needed by the virus to enter and infect the cell. Current treatments work by preventing the virus from replicating once it is inside the cell.

While on the surface this seems like great news, the word “strain” in the above quote must remind us that HIV’s a formidable enemy that adapts to changing enviornments. While we’re not doctors (obviously) it seems that even if this protein does work in humans, it’s not a permanent fix.