Homeless Shelter That Serves LGBT Youth in Financial Crisis

A youth homeless shelter that serves a large number of LGBT teens in San Francisco may be forced to close its doors on Christmas Day if it does not raise the funds needed to support a move.

The Homeless Youth Alliance in San Francisco has worked to help young people build healthier lives through support and education for the past 12 years. The center serves over 100 homeless youth everyday. 49% of the people they assist identify as LGBT.

In addition to a drop-in center, HYA also offers one-on-one counseling services, group workshops, mental health services, syringe exchanges, medical services, and facilitates community clean-ups.

Skyrocketing rents have forced HYA to move out of its current space on just a month’s notice. If HYA cannot raise enough money to move by December 25, it will be forced to shut down.

“On behalf of all of us at Homeless Youth Alliance, we are grateful for the investment all of our supporters have made in our work, and now we need their help again more than ever.” Executive Director Mary Howe said in a statement. “Every dollar counts, from $5 to $500,000.”

If you’re feeling generous this holiday season, consider giving to HYA. Donations are tax-deductible and can be given at