Homo-Jockos Get Fag Rag

Good news for all you gay sports fans. Media Out Loud just launched America’s first gay sports mag: Sports Out Loud.

Of the monthly, which will include articles on events, people and training tips, Media Out Loud exec Eric Carlyle says: “We hope to serve a healthy dose of sports and fun for both the gay spectator and gay athlete.” And then peace will reign.

Editor Ted Rybka, meanwhile, can barely contain his excitement, “To put it simply, I love journalism and I love sports. I feel very fortunate to be able to combine those two worlds.” He then squealed, caught himself, adjusted his balls and strolled off as if nothing had happened.

The first issue features a bit about recovering drug addicts fighting their demons with baseball, Parisian swimmers and an eye-opening examination of Sweden’s sporting life. Fascinating stuff – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Even if you’re not into getting sweaty and throwing balls, you may still want to check out Sports Out Loud: the first issue also features amateur Dallas athletes sporting some swim suits.

You know what they say about amateur athletes: cheaper than models and twice as slutty.