Homo Parents Have Heartwarming Kids!

Family Pride’s proud to announce the proud winners of the Family Drawing Contest. No, this isn’t the winners’ piece. This here creation comes from 3rd place “winner”, 6-year old Rosie of Pennsylvania.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the primitive language known as child, young Rosie’s message reads thus: “[I love my family because] they always help me and they are always really nice.” What more can you ask for? Well, maybe an explanation.

What’s going on in that picture? Rosie either has three fathers or two daddies and a very butch mommy. Unless, of course, one of the three daddies didn’t mind being a complete biological anomaly with a worn-out, torn-up penis. Regardless, congratulations on your win, Rosie. And to your family. They must be so proud.

For the other winners, including grand prize winner, 9-year old Jordan’s precious picture, click here.