Homo-Politico Confused, Curious

Those of you living around Provincetown (aka: Gayville) have surely been following the gay v. gay state representative race between Democrat muff-diver Sarah Peake and Republican cock-licker Aaron Malloy (pictured). Like any good republican, Malloy’s not so keen on gay marriage.

Our friend Ryan Adams over at Ryan’s Take sent us this link to an interview Malloy did with blue-style-canopy. Let’s just say he’s not the most coherent politician we’ve ever heard:

I.N.: Why are you against gay marriage?

A.M.:Basically I see it as being a right to vote and I think it would be voted down; the issue would go back to the Supreme Court who voted it in. The vote would be like a poll and it would give them a voice. If people wanted to collect 170,000 signatures, we should let them vote.

We guess we sort of understand what he’s saying, but he’s not really answering the question. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t really understand the sentiment behind marriage. He says:

I think gay marriage is an oxymoron. If I wanted to be married, I’d be straight, it’s a heterosexual thing … What’s really dividing people is that people feel like their right to vote is being taken away.

Yeah, if we wanted to be married, we’d be straight too. And a douche.