Fruitless Gay Lifestyle Futile

Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

Jamaica’s anti-gay activists have been in an uproar in recent weeks. Apparently a Home Economics textbook depicted same-sex couples as – gasp! – a family. Terrible, right? Well, obviously the homophobes went ape shit, including one man named Carlos King, who penned a particularly prickly piece for the Jamaica-Gleaner:

Why these authors felt comfortable to ascribe such a designation without the permission of the Caribbean people is mind-boggling! Or is this another show of contempt for the so-called ‘common man’ (ignoramus) by so-called intellectuals?

The ‘common man’ however sees that the gay lifestyle is a dead-end road. They can’t propagate the human race because it is impossible for them to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ and is therefore correctly fully convinced of the futility of the homosexual lifestyle.

Oh, it gets better: King goes on to explain that we gays aren’t content with “tolerance”. No, we want “acceptance,” which would bring nothing but death, destruction and doo-doo. King concludes thus, “don’t try to shove your lifestyle down our throats; seek our permission and consent first!” Thanks, King, but we think your throat may be a little too dirty for our tastes.