Love Doesn't Necessitate Bodily Fluids?!

Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

Virginia resident John Stec takes issue with The Roanoke Time‘s consistent support of gay rights and “equality”. The engineer apparently doesn’t believe gays should have, deserve or need any such things. Nor does he seem to understand the full extent of homosexual inclinations:

A man or boy can love another man or boy without the exchange of bodily fluids. I love my father deeply. Affection is physically given and proven by an appropriate and occasional embrace and a kiss. I love some of my friends deeply. They know it. They know it by my conversation, my commitment to their well-being and by the things we enjoy together. And they know it without having to disrobe to perform sex.

If your “equality” means equating the ages-old institution of traditional marriage with two men doing disgusting, highly unsanitary things, then I couldn’t disagree with you more. But if you meant giving homosexuals similar employment opportunities as heterosexuals, then that’s OK, as long as they keep their physical affectations to themselves, just as heterosexuals must, in the workplace.

At least he’s not entirely irrational.