Homophobia In Women’s Basketball Will Continue Until Women’s Basketball Acknowledges Its Homophobia

So not only is the NCAA earning a few bucks from the hate group Focus on the Family, it’s not even pretending to balance out its public displays of homophobia by welcoming a film that calls out the league on institutional discrimination.

Training Rules, a documentary about the lawsuit Penn State basketball player Jennifer Harris “filed against the university’s legendary women’s coach, Rene Portland, who staunchly forbade her players to have relationships with other women. Portland dismissed Harris from the team in 2005, citing laziness; Harris believed Portland’s decision stemmed from homophobia.” When filmmaker Dee Mosbacher, who took the picture around the indie film circuit last year, tried to get the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association to screen its annual coaches conference in San Antonio (which happily coincides with the Division I NCAA women’s tournament), the organization declined.

How come? According to WBCA chief Beth Bass’ statement: “Our job is to protect the coach and the profession. The coach that is the subject of the Training Rules documentary is no longer in the coaching field and the situation has been handled by the institution.”

Operative word being handled.