Frank Angeletti’s Homovision is an online magazine for the gay community. The recently published Issue 23 contains features on such diverse topics as Judy Garland, leathermen, the Sweeney Todd revival, and a recipe for pot brownies.

With a (very gay) soundtrack pumping, Homovision also sheds light on the eroticism of enemas, quotes Liza’s diary, and provides its fair share of cock shots. Add an essay remembering Luther Vandross and a note from a friend about the joy of sex (involving feet) and you get a really unique and really gay reading experience.

The Rock

Homovision is an online magazine full of wonderful graphic images too. Check out the photo essay “Mothra: Then and Now” and see just how beautiful Ms. Stewart was in her youth. We love any site that can show the equal beauty of Kristen Chenoweth and pierced cocks. How could you not?

The Not Safe For Work site can be seen here.