Hottest Dieux Du Stade Calendar Yet, Kylie Sings “Night Fever,” Finding Prince Charming Skewered

The sporty studs of Dieux du Stade are teasing their 2017 calendar with this brand new trailer, which we somehow suspect you might want to take a look at. Check it out here.


Bad vibes, anyone? Just as you were shaking off your inchoate rage from Netflix‘s Making A MurdererSouthwest of Salem rears its worrisome head. The documentary involves two Latina lesbians from Texas accused of gang-raping two young girls. Obligatory accusations of Satanism follow.

Comedian/actor Jimmie Fowlie is back for a third installment of his Finding Prince Charming takeoff, in which he once again proves himself to be the reigning master of the overshare. (The beat on the street is that Robert Sepulveda Jr. has blocked Fowlie on Twitter because of these clips. Hardcore.)

There are easier things in this life than being “Gay And Broke,” as the latest sketch-comedy bit from Michael Henry so aptly demonstrates:

It’s an imperfect world, but at least now it’s a world in which Kylie Minogue sings a perfectly Kylie cover version of The Bee Gee’s “Night Fever.” Hit it.

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