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  • gayfamilyvalues

    Why do we think thye are going to pass this???? Am I missing something???

  • Cam

    Because SUPPOSEDLY there are GOP senators like Brown who have claimed that they are for a DADT repeal and only voted against the spending bill because of other issues. So if they were not lying then there are enough votes to break a fillibuster and approve repeal. That is…if Senatory Reid bothers to bring this up for a vote which will of course remain to be seen.

  • Bob

    The great Representative from my district, who is fighting to the end for us. Patrick, you will be missed when you leave office!

  • Daez

    So, first they have to pass this in the house. Then they have to pass it in the Senate. They have to do both in seven days before they resign the session, and of course its not like they are busy with the arms treaty and the tax “compromise” (OH WAIT).

    In short, this isn’t going to even see the light of day until January, when I’m sure all the new Republican congress people will vote for it to pass (OH WAIT).

  • Cam


    Supposedly it’s going to be simultaniously introduced in the Senate, so we’ll see.

  • DR

    We shall see. That’s all I have t say on the subject.

  • Chad

    Hoping for a Christmas miracle.

  • Bob

    @Daez: Well, the majority of the ‘Christain’ Repoblicans thing God made the world in 7 days so why not pass this bill in 7 dyas?

  • Bob

    Damn…I need spell-check…I meant ‘Republicans’ ‘Christian’ and ‘days’…lol

  • Ross

    @Bob: and “think” LOL

  • Joe

    Let’s see if Obama will get off his duff and finally make good on his promise.
    The odds are he won’t make one of his little “deals” for our community.

  • Jeffree

    Obama’s sitting on the sidelines yelling “Which way do I turn’?”

    Answer should be—IMO—: “Favor the side of expanding” —versus limiting—” the rights of the downcast, the righteous, the minority.”

    Without that in mind, he will be one of our historical “one-term presidents” who failed to live up to his promise and who never engaged a “big idea” that might turn activism into actuality, or words into substance.

  • reason

    Harry is bringing the senate back into session immediately after Christmas. They will have Christmas and likely the Sunday after and then will work until the new session. The tax deal is one of Obama’s “little” deals for our community granted that nothing else including START and DADT repeal could pass without it. The president has been cutting deals and adjusting to the environment the entire time. They included it in the NDA because it was supposed to be a must pass bill, they did the study to end the GOP’s b.s. lies, now they are yanking it out of the NDA because enough republicans said they support DADT repeal now but can’t support the NDA. It sounds like they are jumping through hoops to get it done, while some individuals sit on the sidelines throwing bombs to derail progress. When repeal passes these people will disappear or start harping about how the administration doesn’t deserve credit. I think most people are figuring out the complaints are not about GBLT rights but partisan hatred.

    @Daez: That is not how congress works, once this session is over all the bills in progress end with the session. They are bringing it up now because they intend to pass it in this session.

  • Brutus

    Good grief, you guys.

    1. Obama has nothing to do with this. Blame him if he vetoes it.
    2. Reid will bring it up.
    3. It’s on Collins, Murkowski, and Brown.

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